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Leveraging the stellar, near three decades long reputation of IEA Textiles, IEA Americas has assembled a team of industry experts with nearly forty years of experience in developing and managing high profile uniform and corporate apparel programs across a variety of market sectors.

At IEA Americas, our client solution is simple: Provide our customer with a functional, industry-leading design, that is produced economically in certified factories, and distributed to reach the ultimate customer rapidly and correctly. IEA’s program management, e-commerce, customer care and marketing solution programs create an unparalleled customer experience.


The journey begins with an idea- Our talented Design Team is adept at interpreting your brand voice in an apparel program that sets your front-line employees apart from the competition. Our goal is to design a collection that is on trend, comfortable to wear, and that speaks to your preeminent position in the marketplace.

Our team will guide you on a journey that incorporates the logic behind their vision, using sustainable fabrications where appropriate and easy-to-interpret sketches. Once you down select from several options, our team will create product samples so you may see the vision come to life. Fabrics and trims will have been tested to ensure fit-for-purpose status prior to presentation to your team. The design journey may include wear-testing to process-prove the design concept in the field environment. Ultimately, we guarantee you will take great pride in an IEA Americas-designed collection.

Should you choose to add the cache of a branded designer, influencer or label, your IEA Americas representative can explain the various options and cost implications related to this design avenue.

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IEA Americas works closely with its production and logistics partners to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. In this vein, we also encourage our Design Team to offer our clients sustainable options in fabrication and construction. Numerous options in fabrication including rPet, fabrics constructed of seashells, recycled coffee grounds and other elements can make a difference in your uniform program.

IEA Americas’ leadership team pioneered recycling programs for uniform/apparel programs and now takes this one step further with upcycling opportunities, such as transforming old uniforms into a variety of products including backpacks, waist packs, handbags, phone cases or zip portfolios. Clients have used these upcycled products for a variety of purposes including backpacks for new hires, and direct sale to employees as fundraisers. Your IEA representative will be pleased to discuss innumerable options for employing sustainability in your program.

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Global Supply Chain

IEA production facilities fully comply with international standards for both technical and social regulations as covered by ICS, BSCI, ISO9001, and WRAP. Our owned and partner-factories offer a unique opportunity to provide cost efficient solutions for clients around the world. IEA is also able to provide production in an Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified environment from initial fabric and trim resourcing through distribution, should our client so desire.


IEA Americas’ Planning Team works closely with your Program Manager to gain as much historical knowledge and background information as the client has available, thereby allowing us to maintain ideal inventory levels, serve your employees and avoid out of stock circumstances. Factoring historical usage, seasonal shifts, and factory lead-times including holiday periods, our proprietary forecast technology enables us to achieve ‘just-in-time’ inventory availability. Constant communication between the client, our Program Manager and our Planning Team is critical in terms of maintaining high product service levels.

Distribution Solutions

IEA Americas takes pride in crafting a distribution solution that aligns directly with your business requirements. We maintain a comprehensive distribution presence mid-continent to provide two-to-three business day delivery to most major metropolitan areas in the United States. Our logistics team coordinates a wide range of services including individual pick, pack and ship to store or home addresses, as well as containerload shipments direct from our factory locations to our client’s distribution locations. For our global clients, we create a seamless distribution solution across the world to ensure we meet the unique requirements of your business.

Distribution throughput is customized to meet the needs of your program. In instances where every shipment is time-critical, a crew member is hired on Monday and starts work on Wednesday; orders are prioritized to expedite through our web-based system and flagged in our distribution center for same day release and shipment.

Our Program Manager will discuss our menu of options to ensure we align our distribution functions to meet the needs of your team. Customizing a distribution solution to meet your exacting needs is just one more reason the IEA Americas team is leading the industry in innovation and speed to market.

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Program Management

The key to success in any relationship is fluid and crisp communication. The IEA Americas Program Management team is well-versed in the intricacies of major uniform and corporate apparel programs. On award, an experienced Program Manager will be assigned as your liaison. Our Program Manager will serve as the single point of contact for all program information prior to launch. Guided by a launch calendar that is shared cross-functionally between our organizations, our Program Manager will ensure that critical milestones are met to ensure an on-time launch.

Typically, as the roll-up to launch commences, our Program Manager will convene weekly in-person or videoconferences with all appropriate stakeholders within our company and yours. The timeline is reviewed, and deliverables are discussed. Once your program launches successfully and on time, the Program Manager transitions to a less-frequent cross-functional meeting schedule but is always accessible to the key program managers within your organization. Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings will include key senior leadership members of the IEA Americas team, and will include a review of key program performance metrics and options for any cost-savings, either process or cost-driven.

Our Program Manager, working closely with our digital development team, will create a portal to enable your access to key program metrics information on demand. This enables your management team to access the same information we see in real-time, offering the added convenience of on-demand customized reporting across any manner of program information. Essentially, if we collect the information in our ERP system, we can report it back to you.

IEA Americas will also provide you with a 24/7 escalation point of contact in senior management.

As one of the most critical functions in terms of the success of our relationship, IEA Americas takes great pride in selecting and mentoring only the most qualified individuals who will undertake this important relationship role.

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Information Technology

IEA Americas will create a web-based platform that is both user-friendly and keenly informative. This one-stop platform will provide employees convenient access to view uniform allowances and allotment balances, product selections, sizing information, order history, product availability and client-company-specific information. Your website is mobilized for use on all devices, a necessity for teams that are constantly in motion.

Our development team will preview options with you and create a website that aligns visually with your brand, while providing easy access for the employee to a 24/7 apparel shopping experience. Numerous advances in digital predictive size determination technologies will be employed onsite to aid the employee in determining the appropriate size to order, reducing the hassle of returns.

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Program Marketing

Creating excitement and awareness for your new uniform/apparel program is critically important. IEA America’s Marketing Team will work hand in hand with your team to create a marketing campaign that introduces the launch to your employees. Your marketing campaign may include essential information such as: innovative means to determine size, the proper way to wear the new uniform, wear/care posters, digital/email campaigns to encourage participation, new hire welcome packages, and pre/post launch surveys. Our ability to assist in energizing your workforce about their new uniform program will lead to lower product return rates for sizing and higher customer satisfaction scores.

With Thanks...

Thank you for taking the time to visit IEA Americas. On behalf of the global IEA Textiles team, we appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to working with you to develop and deliver a world class apparel program for your employees.

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